Pain relief through a new understanding of the mind

After 20 years of suffering chronic back pain and being temporarily paralyzed several times, my pain went away! You can read my full story here. Amazed by what happened I researched this phenomenon and conducted 5 case studies to see if I could recreate this kind of pain relief in others.  We got amazing results! I am now offering this new insightful program to share these healing ideas with you! Click here to book your free discovery call.

If you have suffered chronic pain you know how exhausting and devastating it is. It's hard to function, everything has to be put on hold or managed around the pain. Just getting to Doctor visits or the Chiropractor is like climbing Everest and the fear that this

time it won't get better just adds to the misery. 

Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo was the first woman to have an exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art. She battled with chronic pain her whole life and in one of her famous self-portraits, she depicts her spine as a broken column. I used to feel like my pelvis had been hit with a baseball bat!

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“It’s not the situation that’s causing your stress, it’s your thoughts. ”—Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD

About four years ago I came across a new development in psychology called the Three Principles, sometimes called Innate Health and found such a deep understanding of the mind that my pain just went away! I didn't even work on it! I had no idea that pain-relief would be a side effect of having deep insights into how all human experience works. Seeing the connection between peace of mind and pain relief has enabled me to help many people with their physical suffering. Eczema, stomach problems, asthma, and migraines to name a few have been alleviated. Read their testimonials here, they are so inspiring.

"A diagnosis does not describe who you are, it tells us where you are at" Dr. Bill Pettit, MD

After several years of my own research, studying and training with the best Mindbody Medicine doctors I now have several options for you to choose from to help you be pain free too!

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"We have a very clear mechanism by which people's pain gets worse when they are stressed .... pain does not exist until it emerges into consciousness"

 Dr. Lorimer Moseley

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