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Very Well - The Course

This is the last time I will be doing my Painless course!


My new book, Very Well, will be out in the New Year and so I will be starting courses focused on hormones so make sure you grab this one last chance!

The Painless Group Course takes place over 8 consecutive weeks and happens several times a year.  Each session lasts for 90 minutes on Zoom and will be a small group so that everyone can get a chance to participate, share and ask questions. There is no obligation to speak, so no pressure.

In the first session, I will introduce the medical explanations for chronic pain and share the latest relevant research and resources with you. Our following sessions will be a deeper conversation about the Three Principles and how stress, pain, and life situations can be understood from a place of insight. When we understand what is happening in the body, this information plus understanding how all experience is created calms the nervous system and brings relief.

A WhatsApp group will be set up for each group for sharing ideas and additional resources during the course where you will get access to me for further support. Check below to see the starting date.


"Thank you, Chana! The way you express mind-body problems is amazing, makes it all easier to understand, and so helpful."

Sales Agent
Using the Laptop
Senior Man Working from Home
Talking in Headset

8 Sundays, 2023
January 8, 15, 22, 29
February 5, 12, 19, 26

Los Angeles - 9am
New York - 12pm
London - 5pm
Paris - 6pm
Jerusalem 7pm

8 weeks $400

Online Meeting
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Online Meeting
Online Workshop

This program is for anyone dealing with physical issues. Skin problems, migraines, allergies, IBS, cystitis, pelvic pain and asthma to name a few. When we are under stress the body gives us clues. I am not a doctor, I will not be prescribing or diagnosing anything. If you have any medical concerns please get them checked by your physician first. I will show you how an understanding of the mind will point you in the direction of your own wellbeing which will relax the nervous system and you can start to heal. 

Hi. My name is Marcelo, I’m a chiropractor and in my opinion if you are a health care practitioner reading Chana´s book is a must. The next thing you will want to do is attend her workshops as it happened to me. Working with her I got insights and new ways of thinking that are helping me understand my patients better and better serve them. One thing I’ve noticed is that I go to the office every day very relaxed. I’m happier and in a good mood and from this space my connection with my patients is a lot different. Something has changed in me, I don’t know what did it but I love it. Knowing Chana has made my life and my patients lives better.

I highly recommend her!

Participant - Jan 2022

"Your body is designed to heal"

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