Chana Studley

Chana Studley

author, coach, and speaker
author, coach, and speaker
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New Mentoring Programs

Full access to me via WhatsApp for support and feedback, inspiration, clarity, and encouragement. 

Whether you want to delve deeper into the Three Principles or move forward in a new adventure, 

the subject is your choice and my privilege.

Chana has recently turned all these experiences into a novel called The Myth of Low Self-Esteem and is currently working on her second novel about chronic pain and the Mindbody connection will be out later this year


The amazing things happening in my life right now since participating in Chana's Chronic Back Pain Research Project include the manifestation of the things I've been wanting in my life. They are just showing up and plopping in my lap, a well of good fortune!"    Deborah V.


working with me

One to one

Transformational conversations that point my clients in the direction of seeing their own wellbeing and wisdom in all their relationships, work, and projects.

"I don't know what you did to me but I slept well last night for the first time in years!"

“The common theme in all my fiction is seeing situations where people have been told there is no hope or they will be coping for the rest of their lives while other people are making big money from their misery. There is always hope, there are many alternatives and there is a deep well of health and wisdom in every one of us.”


Painless is a 10 hour one-on-one unique program for those facing physical challenges full of information, understanding and good old TLC.



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about the Painless Program, coaching, speaking or my book. Looking forward to hearing from you!


The Myth of Low Self-Esteem