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Looking for a community?

My Private Membership Group is a unique and safe place.

We are in this together, learning, growing, and transforming.
If you need support, get your questions answered, and have a place to share your insights,

please join us in this beautiful feeling of wellbeing 

Just $25 a month !!

No techniques or complicated answers just support and discussion about anything related to the Three Principles and the MindBody Connection.

For just $25 a month, you get -

  • Discussion topics including anxiety, physical issues, depression, hormones, stress, trauma, family, relationships, understanding the Principles, etc.

  • Weekly Q&A with me, Chana Studley

  • ( Almost ) Daily videos with an inspirational thought for the day

  • MindBody Health Club with our very own expert in movement, nutrition, and fitness. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday join our live 30-minute live fitness class! 

  • Weekly Book Club where we read books related to the Three Principles.

  • All events are recorded and posted in the group so you won't miss a thing!!

Sample Group Coaching session

Meet our Health and Fitness expert!

"Meaningful and enriching"

"I recommend it highly for anyone who is still having issues with  anxiety, chronic pain and low mood."

"I so enjoyed last nights session, I could listen to Chana talk all day 💕"

"I have to say that this week I’m feeling such a sense of relief that I don’t have to listen to any of my thoughts!!! I can just let them float to the ground like the snow in the snow globe. It feels like when you wake up in the morning and there has been a fall of snow overnight and you become completely aware of the quiet outside ❄️☃️only that quiet is inside my head now 🤗"

Weekly schedule.jpg

Membership Group

‏25 $


Every month

Discussion topics including anxiety, physical issues, etc.

Weekly Q&A with me, Chana Studley

MindBody Fitness Club with our very own expert

MindBody Book Club

(Almost) Daily Video Thought For The Day

Sign up now for just $25 !!
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