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Long Covid Support

Welcome to my newest program!

A few months ago I was contacted by a businessman who was among the first people to get Covid 19 in the UK. He was frightingly ill for many months and then as the virus left he was diagnosed with what is now called Long Covid. Marcus was not able to play with his child, participate in his business, drive or exercise. 

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 His symptoms were;  

             - Headaches 

             - Dizziness 

             - Shortness or breath 

             - Fatigue 

             - Neurological symptoms

Sound familiar? He reached out to me because of my many years working with people with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and together we looked at his symptoms. We saw that many of the things he was suffering were connected to his anxious thinking. This was exacerbating his recovery and had been keeping him sick for almost 2 years!

I introduced him the Principles of the MindBody Connection and the latest in pain science that proves we are always feeling our thinking. In a few short weeks of working together, he was able to take long walks, drive his kid to school and go into his office!   Amazing!!    Listen to him tell his story here in this video ...........

If you are suffering with Long Covid and have a growing list of symptoms that doctors don't know what to do with, please reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss what worked for me, Marcus and many other clients -

To read more about the Painless Program, click here

Watch this interview with Dr Dicken Bettinger about Long Covid and how understanding how experience is created is the way out

"I feel like a man released from prison!"

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