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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Fairhaven, Massachusetts!  
Please join us for a wonderful weekend of insights, connection and fresh air ....

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The MindBody Wellbeing Retreat 2022

"We have all been stuck inside for too long, physically, spiritually and emotionally."

This weekend will not only be a chance to get out into the fresh sea air surrounded by the gorgeous countryside of historical Cape Cod but an opportunity to explore the Three Principles as it relates to the MindBody.
We all have Innate Wellbeing and and being stuck in old ideas, stuck up in our heads and inside our homes has had a deep effect on many of us.

Taking this opportunity to see past these illusions and connect with Source and our hearts in a beautiful location will be an extraordinary chance to explore what "inside" really means.

Watch this video to see our beautiful location!

Meet Chana

When I discovered that my 25 year of chronic pain had all gone after taking a deep dive into this new paradigm in psychology, I got very excited about the Mindbody connection. Not only had my lower back and neck pain vanished but my sciatica, IBS, skin problems and allergies too! How could so many physical problems melt away just by a new understanding of how the mind works?

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Who is this retreat for?

Over the next few years I researched and read as much as I could, taking courses with Medical doctors and Three Principles teachers who were personally mentored by Sydney Banks, the originator of the Three Principles Understanding.


On this amazing weekend, I want to share with you the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained from all the information and the powerful insights I have seen from working with many clients, clinicians and doctors and more.

This Wellbeing Retreat is open to people who are looking for fresh new ideas about the MindBody connection, a deeper understanding of the Three Principles and a new level of insight into their own physical and spiritual health. I have worked with people with all kinds of physical issues including migraines, digestive problems, health anxiety and Long Covid. From my work as a trauma counselor I also have extensive experience working with all kinds of anxiety, stress and trauma. So whether it is a physical issue, a stressful one or you would just like to learn more about your Innate Health, join us for a relaxing weekend of connection, fun and fresh air!


Friday September 16th

4pm, Welcome 

6pm, Dinner at a local restaurant

8-9:30pm Session One

Saturday, September 17th

9-10:30am Session Two

11-12:30 Session Three


2-3:30pm Session Four

Free time for walks, private sessions or

guided tour with locals

7pm, Dinner at a local restaurant

Sunday September 18th

10- 11:30am Session  Five

Lunch and Free time

2pm-3:30pm Session Six and Goodbyes

Hi. My name is Marcelo, I’m a chiropractor and in my opinion  reading Chana´s book is a must. The next thing you will want to do is attend her workshops as it happened to me. Working with her I got insights and new ways of thinking that are helping me understand my patients better and better serve them. One thing I’ve noticed is that I go to the office every day very relaxed. I’m happier and in a good mood and from this space my connection with my patients is a lot different.

Something has changed in me, I don’t know what did it but I love it. Knowing Chana has made my life and my patients lives better.

I highly recommend her and her retreat!

Cost is $290 with an early bird special of $260!!

not including food, lodging or transport 

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