Working with me

Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring are transformational conversations that inspire hope and contentment and point my clients in the direction of seeing their own wellbeing.


In this unique program, you will be able to WhatsApp me whenever you want! That's right, you can send me messages whenever you want and I guarantee I will get back to you as soon as possible which if I'm awake is almost immediate. I have been working with people like this for 30 years as well as starting 3 successful businesses in 3 countries, winning an Academy Award and surviving serious trauma and so there isn't a topic that I haven't dealt with, a question I haven't answered and if I don't know, I will find someone who does. I will send you resources,

encouragement, and inspiring messages. You can rely on me to stay in the conversation with you, share hope when you are down and celebrate with you when you rise up. Like your own personal cheerleader, my mentoring programs are a 'safety net' at the touch of a button.

  • Chronic Pain and TMS

  • Menopause

  • Relationships

  • Career change

  • PTSD and recovery from Trauma

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Motivation

  • Life/work balance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Writing and Self Publishing

  • Three Principles understanding

  • Life - your own personal cheerleader

These mentoring programs are suitable for individuals, coaches who want supervision and feedback with their client work, and medical professionals who want to implement my ideas and research about chronic pain into their work.

In addition, once you are in one of the mentoring programs you can add Zoom coaching sessions or 30 minute phone calls at a discounted price. For testimonials about this program, click here.

Coaching and Counselling

Because of my own experience of getting well from trauma, constant fear, and chronic pain, I can share with you what I have seen to be true, that you really can be ok no matter what your present circumstances. In these 90-minute sessions we can discuss whatever you need, whether you need to discuss something that is on your mind, delve deeper into the Three Principles, or help you get clarity on a problem or decision.

You can rely on me to point you back in the direction of your own wellbeing. I understand how we can convince ourselves of all kinds of things that are not true so having a front-row seat in this transformational conversation is my greatest privilege.

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When I speak at events people always ask me, “Where did you find the courage?" 

Telling my story inspires an audience to realize that there is always a way out of the darkness. By understanding how human experience works, your group will see first hand that transformation from a world of fear or a life of chronic pain is always possible and how they too can find that missing peace of mind. 

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