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Painless has the potential to awaken fresh hope to the millions of people worldwide who spend the majority of every day enveloped and overwhelmed by their experience of pain. This state when left unabated often results in permanent disability and all too often in suicide. Chana does this with a clarity and certainty that would make Candace Pert Ph.D., the late pioneer in the oneness of the body -mind phenomenon, proud.

William F. Pettit Jr, M.D., Retired Psychiatrist

Chana Studley has written an engrossing novel with a depth of understanding that will unleash your own insights bringing enormous hope for all. Painless, is a must read for anyone experiencing physical or emotional pain, regardless of age or circumstance.


Lori Carpenos M.Ed., LMFT

The night before a couple of last-minute gifts had arrived. An envelope addressed to me was one of them. I opened it to find Chana Studley’s novel Painless, so I sat down to read. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can still say with complete confidence that it’s one more powerful tool in the ever-increasing arsenal of awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness that Hell is not other people, as Sartre quipped, but instead our thoughts. Awareness of this truth is one of the simplest, yet most difficult conundrums, we will ever have to untangle.

This novel sets out to untangle this mystery, and it does do with wonder intact. When we believe we have arrived somewhere we are often lost. So, be here now- and I hope you get new insights and awareness from this book.

Michael Galinsky, Director of All The Rage, a documentary movie about Dr. Sarno.

Chana Studley has written a powerful novel about how we can use the power of our mind to heal us from the negative messages which cause us to feel anxious, enraged and depressed. Her book provides hope to people who have been diagnosed with various disorders, showing how, by changing their self-limiting inner narratives, they live a life of unlimited joy and inner peace. I heartily recommend this book to those who want to learn how to free themselves of negative mental constructs.

Dr. Miriam Adahan

Teacher, writer and spiritual guide

I just want to tell you how much I loved reading your book. I took it with me over winter vacation and couldn't put it down. It is now my favorite 3P book: love the novel style, well written, easy to read and relate to, love your honesty, your journey, how you smash all myths, not just the one related to self-esteem. I have been recommending it to whomever I speak to. Hatzlacha in all you do.

Aviva Barnett MSW

As I read your book, I realize the truth is so simple.

It's our desire to create a story to live by rather than living our lives

truthfully that complicates life. Thank you for your journey and your courage to share it.

Milt Simon, Los Angeles County Court Judge

Chana, I did not want to put this book down, though I have no time to read these days, and I kept it with me day and night for two days. My only disappointment was that the story ended; I wanted, needed to hear more! The deep affirmations and wisdom come in new waves on every page. Your shining honesty washed me to the core. Your quotes by Victor Frankel and "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck right from the beginning drove me in.  This is an important book. I have much more to say.