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Because of my own experience of getting well from trauma, constant fear, and chronic pain, I can share with you what I have seen to be true, that you really can be ok no matter what your present circumstances.


In these 60 minute sessions via Zoom, we can discuss whatever you need. Whether you need to discuss something that is on your mind, delve deeper into the Three Principles, or help you get clarity on a problem or decision. I have deep experience dealing with a wide range of issues including; food, trauma, addictions, families, work and health anxiety.

I understand how we can convince ourselves of all kinds of things that are not true and so you can rely on me to point you back in the direction of your own wellbeing, courage and wisdom.

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I have 4 coaching packages:

1 hour

3 hours

5 hours

10 hours

Combined with my Mentoring program you will have all the support you need

How long will it be till I feel better?

Understanding the Principles is not a technique or a method. There are no steps to master or homework to do. Because we are looking for insights it can happen in a flash or it can be a slow melting of old ideas. 

Some of my problems disappeared instantly when I saw they were just made of thoughts and others have melted away. I look around and they are just gone. This is the Three Principles in action

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"Having a front-row seat in this transformational conversation with you is my greatest privilege!"

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Have a look at some of these alumni videos and hear for yourself just how transformational it can be


"I know that you have all the courage and wisdom you need to solve all your problems. You just need pointing in the right direction, back to your own innate wellbeing!"

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