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Chana has been accompanying me via the WhatsApp mentoring for about 4 months now and it has been immensely helpful (and a lot of fun) for me. I guess what I appreciate most is the feeling of not being alone, of somebody being there for me when I feel I’m stuck. And that it’s so instantly accessible - normally I wouldn’t go and book a session every time a question or an issue comes up, but with WhatsApp, it’s very very easy to ask a quick question and get some help and inspiration. It’s a great support for staying in the conversation and not going round in circles with my favorite issues‘. Chana's clarity and compassion is very supportive for me in seeing things in a new way and getting my own insights into the nature of the principles. She also recommended a lot of great resources, when I was struggling with certain questions or topics.

I think this is a really great way to experience guidance and support! - Katherina

I've only been working with Chana for about a week, but anytime I've had a question, thought or concern, she has been great about getting back to me and listening to what I was thinking about. She is kind, insightful, and provides great feedback. Would highly recommend - Mike

I remember when I just started school and thought 4 years was sooo long and that I'll be 29 etc. and you texted me that in 4 years I'll be 29 either way so I may as well go to school and do something in that time 😅 (I honestly never forget that conversation! It has taken me through some pretty rough times in school to be honest)  - Chris

I have had Chana as a Mentor for almost 4 years now, I honestly don't know where I would be if not for her mentoring. When I first met Chana I was struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, unhealthy behavior patterns, and pretty much hated everyone and everything about my life. Within a relatively short amount of time, Chana has helped me, to help myself. I have learned to dream again. Chana has encouraged me to pursue my dreams and passions to live the life I never knew was possible! I don't know where I would be if not for her help. Being able to WhatsApp her whenever I want has been a lifesaver.
I have been in all sorts of therapies for many years prior to meeting Chana without much lasting change at all. Chana has a way of mentoring, that is real and authentic. 
I am truly grateful for the day I reached out to her. I can honestly say my life has been changed forever - Carol


I can't thank you enough for sharing your ideas. This was the first night that I slept without waking up with my gooey sticking thoughts...I mean they always used to sneak in to torture my soul but I thought about the metaphor of the passing buses and they had no control over me. For the first time, I felt the smell of freedom - Melanie

Hearing about your journey out of your struggle means so much to me. No other therapist has told me their own story as you did and the fact that you have created such a beautiful life for yourself after gives me the hope I need to continue the work, thank you so much - David


Dear Chana, I wanted to share how thankful I am for your insights. I came to you with a burden- a sense of "stones in my heart" in a phase of grieving the loss of my dear husband. The way you conveyed your ideas gave me almost immediately a sense of relief and control over my life. I felt more resilient and a sense of levity – felt like I am floating in the streets of Jerusalem. I loved something else in your coaching: I sense that you really care about my suffering and really showed genuine empathy. Keep spreading your goodness and kindness in the world - Anat

Yes! It dawned on me again the metaphor of an elevator moving up to the heights and down to the muck of the basement...I look forward to participating in one of your next gatherings. I do treasure our meeting last Thursday in my heart. You really empowered me with your calm presence. Thank you so much - Susan

Thank you for your patience and time! Our talk this morning was so good it really made me feel better! ♥ I feel more in the moment and have less guilt

I’m in class and I made it on time! - Orly

Wellbeing @Work

My staff and I have gained an awful lot from this course! Good to know I have grasped things in the main part and I will put more focus on those positive thoughts when they come along! In general terms I’m finding myself feeling happier and more content and not giving myself such a hard time so I must be along the right lines. In any case it’s certainly nice feeling like this 😊 Melody - Business Owner

Yes to highly recommending the Wellbeing@Work course! I enjoy hearing Chana’s breadth of experience and metaphors as to how this understanding has helped her and so many others. The opportunity to ask questions via in class or on WhatsApp makes it a very engaging learning experience for me. Joe - Administrator

A business meeting

I can honestly say I’m doing ok actually, I’m feeling good. I have gained so much from the group sessions. 
My motivation for this course was to improve my confidence and improve my sense of self worth and stop worrying so much what other people’s opinions of me were predominantly (but not confined to) in my workplace and to quieten down all the inner chatter of a busy mind. 
It used to be completely draining. 
As a team we are all feeling stretched, tired and drained and for me feeling that way then having my own confidence issues on top was becoming a bit crippling  and I knew I needed to do something. 
I was on the verge of making an appointment with my doctor but then the start date for these sessions came around and all I can say is I just feel differently now!
Interestingly, I’m not having heart palpitations anymore and I’ve realized I’m not depressed and I don’t think I have anxiety.  It’s funny because I don’t feel I’ve actually “done” anything to bring about a change all I know is I’m feeling differently and feel able to care less about what others think particularly colleagues. 
I think (although I’m not certain as I don’t think I’ve ever known what it feels like) I’m slowly developing a level of inner peace. Very refreshing indeed. 
Thank you for helping me to see things from another perspective. Christina -  Clinical Staff at UK NHS Hospital

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