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The Myth of Low Self-Esteem


I can't thank you enough for sharing your ideas. This was the first night that I slept without waking up with my gooey sticking thoughts...I mean they always used to sneak in to torture my soul but I thought about the metaphor of the passing buses and they had no control over me. For the first time, I felt the smell of freedom - Melanie

Hearing about your journey out of your struggle means so much to me. No other therapist has told me their own story as you did and the fact that you have created such a beautiful life for yourself after gives me the hope I need to continue the work, thank you so much - David

Dear Chana, I wanted to share how thankful I am for your insights. I came to you with a burden- a sense of "stones in my heart" in a phase of grieving the loss of my dear husband. The way you conveyed your ideas gave me almost immediately a sense of relief and control over my life. I felt more resilient and a sense of levity – felt like I am floating in the streets of Jerusalem. I loved something else in your coaching: I sense that you really care about my suffering and really showed genuine empathy. Keep spreading your goodness and kindness in the world - Anat

Yes! It dawned on me again the metaphor of an elevator moving up to the heights and down to the muck of the basement...I look forward to participating in one of your next gatherings. I do treasure our meeting last Thursday in my heart. You really empowered me with your calm presence. Thank you so much - Susan

Thank you for your patience and time! Our talk this morning was so good it really made me feel better! ♥         I feel more in the moment and have less guilt

I’m in class and I made it on time! - Orly