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Hi guys! I just finished the 'painless' program with Chana Studley and I am absolutely amazed about what I learned. In addition to her being an astonishing person (and so lovely to talk to), I got very deep insights and answers to questions I've been having for about 30 years. She knows about TMS and as far as I can tell is a big fan of Dr. Sarno's insights in the physical side of TMS, but has a different approach regarding the emotional/psychological part. She basically saved my life - cause I was kind of going nuts about searching all the repressed anger. So I can recommend her from all my heart (and that's after the experience of over 25 years of therapy and self-reflection and meditation and so on, that I've done). feel free to message me, if you wanna ask me something about it.      Pallavi Schniering

I keep trying to grab 5 mins to write to you but so much is happening! I'm still pain-free 90% of the time and now I know when I'm really feeling my thinking!  Kelly M.

I found Chana to be credible, likable, organized, delightful, honest/sincere/genuine, intelligent…..the list continues….really.

After the first session together, I watched films about Syd Banks. Since my visits with Chana, which were extremely enjoyable, like finding a new best friend, my entire life has changed with the onset of a flood and very positive happenings in my life which would not, on the surface, have any connection with my sessions with Chana or the Three Principles. However, I know better. It has everything to do with the understanding that Chana explained, revealed, described, etc…..

My back pain is not as severe, and my attitude about it no longer has me so concerned nor am I experiencing the fear and foreboding I previously had.


The amazing things happening in my life right now include the manifestation of the things I've been wanting. They are just showing up and plopping in my lap, a well of good fortune.


Anyone wishing to contact me about this is welcome to do so. email Devorah Vidal 

I am so taken with the teachings you have passed on to me, I have applied this understanding to EVERYTHING I can during my waking hours…your patience and calm approach during the hours that you spent with me has left a positive imprint and I am so happy to be applying this new knowledge.

I understand so MUCH more now, my elbow and shoulder are generally better and sometimes the pain is non-existent! For the 1st time in 4 years I have more flexibility and blood circulation - Thank you! Michelle K.

I feel great! Way less pain in my back and shoulders which means way less medication The medical explanation that Chana gave made perfect sense to me and my OCD has lessened 50%. I am having all kinds of insights, the Syd Banks videos were very helpful. My Doctor knew about Syd Banks and the Principles and was very supportive of this work. Andrew

I'm male, 54 yrs, suffering for more than 30 yrs back issues because of disc moving on 6 levels in my spine.  Because of this issues I'm/was taking 3 times a day 10mg of oxycodone.  Besides this I was also suffering from PTSD. 


Then i came in contact with Chana Studley representing "The Three Principles"  and had 5 sessions of two hours with her and from then my life changed.  I knew about thoughts, they come and go, but being more aware of this is really helping me. Living in the present and enjoying the moment, not being busy with thoughts of the past, the present nor the future makes that I have an enormous decrease of pain sensations.


3 months after my sessions with Chana, my pain reduce makes my use of oxycodone minus 40%.  Feeling better overall, being more happy and more able to enjoy the moment, living my life.  Looking forward to a new future with lots more of insights. Albert S.

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After speaking with Chana last week I had a breakthrough. I understood that thoughts are just that and I realised my body is a tool. I have done a lot of journaling and therapy etc and I now feel all this journalling and digging up the past and therapy is hindering not helping me. I've stopped all that now and my mindset has shifted. I've had two really pleasant days where everything felt so calm I didn't know what was going on lol. Like the air was still and everyone outside was chill, its weird... I guess I'm living in the now. I believe learning that the past has created my beliefs up until now is all I need to know, I don't need to let that define me and the thoughts I'm having are just that from past beliefs. So far so good my mood is changing and my symptoms are fading or at least they don't concern me so much and I'm getting on with life so I expect they will continue to fade. I'm exhausted after a heavy ass session in the gym today lol, I really went for it, it felt sooo good and I'm no longer afraid to stretch or try a higher weight. When I have a thought now I just say to myself “just a thought” and watch it from above like a spectator.

We are the creators of our reality.   Claire LW

I really felt like Chana knew I was going to get better. I've seen so many doctors and most don't have time to listen, they just put you in their computer and write a prescription. I knew Chana really cared and that feeling made such a difference to my healing. I highly recommend Chana and the amazing work she is doing. Kate S.

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