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Wellbeing @ Work

a short course for professionals in the workplace

Stress is the silent epidemic. Suffering stress at work and at home is leading us to all kinds of problems. The increase in chronic pain, addictions, depression and anxiety and lost hours at work is real and costing us deeply.


But there is an answer!


Three Coworkers

Where does stress really come from?

Why are our bodies crying out?

Why do we feel so overwhelmed

all the time?

When we see that stress is not coming from the outside but a misunderstanding of how experience is created we are no longer victims of our circumstances, schedules and workload.

There is no need to learn any more stress management skills or time-consuming techniques when you really understand where the stress is coming from.

What would someone expect to get from this course?

- Insight! A sight from with-in is far more powerful than short term fixes and endless techniques. An insight into how all experience is created can free us from limiting ideas because insights come from the Infinite and there is no limit to the Infinite.

Knowing that you are never broken, you lack nothing and don't need fixing will set you free.

Handshake in the Office

- Most importantly you will remember you don't have to resort to external solutions to your challenges.


- Everything is resolved within your consciousness.


- When living out from the center of Being, you are untouched by the thoughts, opinions, laws, and theories of the world. Nothing acts upon you because you do not react to the world of appearances

Please let me introduce my amazing fellow presenter, Trinity Ncube 

Trinity is an Entrepreneurship and Business Development coach at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, and a founder of various businesses. Trinity is responsible for training and coaching leaders and entrepreneurs. He also headed a 4th Industrial Revolution panel discussion for Coca Cola and played a key role in the ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly ever-changing ecosystem. 


Prior to joining Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Trinity was vice president of Corporate Training for Elevate SA (Pty) Ltd. In this role, he was responsible for creating and designing corporate training courses with a focus on innovation and the inside-out approach to professional and personal lives. Trinity earned an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and is currently undertaking his doctoral research. In addition to these, he holds certificates from MIT, from Harvard Business School and Oxford University

Trinity has over 10 years of experience in teaching and facilitation through various international academic and training institutions, in both the private and public sectors. 

He is currently an assessor for the MIT Sloan Corporate Innovation: Strategies for Leveraging Ecosystems. A program that helps executives and entrepreneurs leverage innovation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Trinity also teaches Economics at The London School of Economics. In his spare time Trinity provides valuable economic insights on various global television networks. 

 Most importantly Trinity has a deep understanding of the human condition and through transformational coaching has guided leaders and teams live fulfilling careers and lives.

Together we bring a world of experience of stress free success, inspiration and wellbeing!

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