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Beyond Diagnosis - a paradigm shift from pathology to Innate Health

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"Beyond Diagnosis is more than a book, it's a movement ...."
So many people are told they have a mental illness and that they will just have to cope. Beyond Diagnosis points to the fact that this is just not true. Contained in this inspiring book are over 45 personal stories of recovery from around the world. From psychosis to bulimia, from OCD to fibromyalgia, these stories describe how each person recovered from every mental illness and is living their best life. And when we say recovered we mean, off meds and not needing any further treatment. How?

Sydney Banks wrote; "There need only be one generic mental illness, a misunderstanding of the role of thought".This truth is the basis of Beyond Diagnosis and shows how these amazing people were able to come back to their innate health.

Very Well - a novel about hormones, women and why Freud was wrong
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After surviving the tsunami of her daughter’s teenage hormones, PMDD, and Postpartum depression, Helen is engulfed in her own menopausal tidal wave. Debilitated by brain fog and hot flashes she hears about the Mindbody Connection and watches as her hormone nightmare starts to disappear.

Where will her dedication and sacrifice take her as she embarks on a courageous journey to bring women back to their innate wellbeing?

Can she bring this new understating of how the mind and body work to help other women get relief from their suffering with hormones?

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Painless - a novel about Chronic Pain and the Mindbody Connection

Curious about the sudden disappearance of her debilitating back pain, Deborah dives deep into an international adventure to discover the truth about the Mindbody connection. Can she navigate the medical maze and demystify the experience of chronic pain for others? Will they believe that Thought is the 'Missing Link'? Painless is an inspiring novel about the connection between stress, chronic pain, and the gift of thought.

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The Myth of Low Self-Esteem

Desperate to get her life back, Deborah climbs her way out of the dark pit of trauma and confusion in South London to build a Hollywood career that shows her the illusion of thought and the stories it convinces us are true.

The Myth of Low Self Esteem is an inspiring real-life story of a woman locked in a world of trauma and heartbreak and the spiritual adventure and healing that is always possible. Available on​

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