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Inside Out Transformation Coach Training Course!

There's a new course in town!
introducing ...The Coaching Course based on the recently published book
Inside Out Transformation led by the author, Sheela Masand, and fellow author, coach and trainer, Chana Studley.

"While you are no doubt here because you want to have more impact in your work, there is more on offer that you will find in the transcripts ..... reading between the lines .....

you will begin to get insights that make all the difference for your clients."

Michael Neil, international best-selling author and coach.

Next group starts June 12 2023!!

If you want any of the following this might be a great fit for you:

• to be able to share the inside-out understanding with ease

• to feel confident in your coaching practice

• to know that you are enough both as a coach and human being

• to truly grasp what "deep listening" means in its most practical and deepest way, and how to drop into that state

• to draw on the inspiration of the15 leaders who shared in this book

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Our Story

I have known Sheela for several years and was very excited when she invited me to speak at the ViVA Event in Spain, 2020. Sadly this amazing event was cancelled due to the Covid epidemic but Sheela stayed busy! She wrote and published an incredible book where she interviewed 15 of the most renowned Three Principles teachers all of whom had been mentored by Sydney Banks.

As I read the manuscript I felt like I was going on a coaching course, each page contained a goldmine of inspiring ideas.  This has now turned into a coaching course and I'm so proud and honored to be teaching it with Sheela!

So whether you are a coach, therapist or counselor or you want o be able explain to family and friends these amazing ideas or you would like to deepen your grounding, this course is for you!

Is this the course for you? We encourage you to listen in to your heart. Follow that. Allow inner wisdom to guide you. 

We have an early bird price till 12th May 

$1395.00 plus VAT where applicable i.e., Israel

Full Price is $1745.00 plus VAT as applicable.

If you need help in splitting the payment, please email Chana at:

And if you would like to book a call to discuss the course, please email Chana or Sheela at: We are very happy to do that.

Also, we do not want finances to be the reason you do not join us. Please email us for options available.

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