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A Woman of Grace and Dignity

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I was telling a friend today that I have hardly ever had to work! What I meant was that I have been very blessed to do work that I love and would have done it even if I wasn't being paid. Theater in London, movies in Hollywood and more recently Wedding Gowns. I was just asked to make a wedding gown for a friend and after a fun day shopping for fabric and several fittings the wedding was sadly called off. My friend handled it with such dignified poise that I was in awe of her ability to do what my teacher George Pransky calls "Doing down well". No hysterics or self-centered dramatics, no analyzing and overthinking just real tears and real grieving and a desire to take care of responsibilities. I have spent a lifetime learning how to be a woman of Grace and Dignity, my friend showed me today that it is our natural state no matter what kind of hell we are going through.

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