Q. My doctor says I have 2 herniated discs, is this going to work for me?

A. Always get checked out by a doctor first. Remember, if its bumped, broken, bleeding or bruised get medical help. Once you and your doctor are confident you don't need immediate treatment or you have tried everything else, contact me for some TLC and insights into what is happening.  There seems to be a common misunderstanding that disc herniations are abnormal but they are actually a perfectly normal part of the aging process. At the time of a tear, it probably hurt like crazy, but your body will immediately go to work healing it with its innate wisdom. Remember, I had 3 herniated discs and I've been pain-free for years!

Q.  Will I be pain-free if I do your program?

A.  That's a definite possibility, all my clients have had at least some relief in their symptoms. So much depends on how the insights come to you. Sometimes the penny can drop instantly and other times it takes a while. To be honest I have had one client arrive angry and leave angry unable to let go of resentment or old ideas. But most see a change quickly and yes I had that one client who was about to have surgery to have an electronic device implanted in her spine and was 90% pain-free after a days reflection on our 5 minute conversation! 


Q. My doctor says I should rest and not doing any strenuous activity but I've heard others say that its good to move?

A. Our bodies are strong and built to move, Dr. Lorrimer Moseley has a wonderful phrase "Motion is Lotion". This is good advice. When I had abdominal surgery a few years ago the best advice I was given was to walk as soon as possible. The next day I was shuffling along the ward at a roaring snail's pace but I got better much quicker than the other patients who stayed in bed. 

Q. Are you telling me its all in my mind?

A. No, definitely not, the pain is real and understanding how the mind works will bring relief. Many people with back pain also suffer with anxiety, depression, migraines and many other physical conditions that are all coming from an innocent misunderstanding of thought.


Q. I felt a "pop" in my back when I was at work, and it hurts like crazy! That can't be good?

A. Did you ever sit in class next to that kid who liked to cracked his knuckles or have a co-worker who needs to crack his neck? That sound is quite natural when certain parts move against each other. Just like the grumbling of an empty stomach, it's the natural way we are made. What's far more interesting is where and when it happened. If work is stressful or boring, or your boss is way too demanding or demeaning that can make being at work unbearable. Think about it, it's so much easier to say I need a few days off because my back 'went out' than to say I've got issues with you. Our bodies regularly send us signals, it might be that you are stressed or that you need to slow down? Understanding this takes the fear out of those strange noises, aches and pains and gives you the confidence and clarity to make good decisions about your health.

Q. The pain in my back has gone but now my elbow is hurting?

A. This is good! ( sorry, not good that you are in pain ) but it means you have the pain on the run. Sometimes my pain was in my shoulder and then my hand. Then my allergies would kick-off again. Then it was back to my back, what's going on? When we understand that pain is often a signal that we are stressed it will use an old injury site, for example, to wake us up and as we start to understand what's happening and the pain starts to move around the body. This proves to me that it's not structural, it's just an innocent misunderstanding of how the mind works.

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