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Q. I have so many physical problems, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and now I can't sleep! I have researched all my symptoms and I am terrified that the Drs missed something?

A. Our bodies are strong but they weren't built to withstand being stressed out for so long. If your nervous system has been held in fight or flight for too long due to prolonged stressful thinking then its going to let you know. For some of us that is chronic muscle pains for others it is allergies to everything from pollen to foods and lotions. For others it can be asthma, cystitis, gut problems and many more. But what I have seen is that no matter if you have chronic pain, Long Covid, hormonal disorders or histamine intolerance, there seems to be the same symptoms showing up and they are all stress related. Lets find that missing Peace, get your nervous calm and return you back to your Innate Health.

Q. My doctor says I have 2 herniated discs, is this going to work for me?

A. Always get checked out by a doctor first. Remember, if its bumped, broken, bleeding or bruised get medical help. Once you and your doctor are confident you don't need immediate treatment or you have tried everything else, contact me for some TLC and insights into what is happening.  There seems to be a common misunderstanding that disc herniations are abnormal but they are actually a perfectly normal part of the aging process. At the time of a tear, it probably hurt like crazy, but your body will immediately go to work healing it with its innate wisdom. Remember, I had 3 herniated discs and I've been pain-free for years!

Q.  Will I be pain-free if I do your program? Will all my physical problems go away?

A.  That's a definite possibility, all my clients have had at least some relief in their symptoms. So much depends on how the insights come to you. Sometimes the penny can drop instantly and other times it takes a while. If a client arrives angry and leaves angry unable to let go of resentment or old ideas, then progress will be slow. But most see a change quickly and yes I had that one client who was about to have surgery to have an electronic device implanted in her spine and was 90% pain-free after one days openminded reflection on our 5 minute conversation! 


Q. Are you telling me its all in my mind?

A. No, definitely not, your physical symptoms are real and understanding how the mind works will bring relief. Many people with chronic physical issues often suffer with anxiety, depression, a history of trauma and mood disorders that are all coming from an innocent misunderstanding of thought. I had all these things and I have been pain free for many years now and I love my life!

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