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..... but my pain doesn't have to have me!

Just had one of those insights and had to share! I have shared the story with a few of you recently about how I had a severe asthma attack out of the blue back in June and I was able to be calm in the middle of a scary thing. This morning I was listening to two of my dearest teachers in conversation and had an insight into this experience.

Linda Pransky said "You can have your thinking but your thinking doesn't have to have you."

Elsie Spittle then said, "I can have my anxiety, but my anxiety doesn't have to have me."

My friend Shifra Rosenblatt had written to me one time "You can have your experience, but your experience doesn't have to have you." but I didn't really get it till this morning. Traditional therapy wants to fix and change our experiences so that we will feel better, but when we are grounded in this understanding, you can see that you don't have to be frightened by your experience. Yes it happened, but it doesn't have to have me. You can be in the middle of something terrible, it could be physical pain, trauma or anxiety and you can know that it will pass, that it doesn't have to have you. So I'm going to add;

"You can have pain, but your pain doesn't have to have you."

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