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"Never broken, nothing lacking"

I have repeated this statement made by my teacher, mentor, and friend Dr. Bill Pettit many times to clients with total confidence for several years now. It is a beautiful and powerful thing to be able to share with anyone and everyone that they are not broken and don't need fixing. So many of the people I meet with chronic physical issues have been searching, trying to fix themselves for so long that to hear you confidently tell them that there is nothing wrong is very healing. Our Innate Wellbeing is always there under the stinky thinking and understanding this sets us free. Right?

But it wasn't until I was reading the manuscript for Sheela Masand's new book, Inside Out Transformation that I realized why it's so true!

In the chapter by Dicken Bettinger, when asked What are the Three Principles, he says the following; "This formless core of all human beings cannot be hurt or damaged by anything that happens to us in life."


An insight hit me!

The reason we can never be broken, or damaged is because we are that formless energy, and formless can't be broken!! It's so simple and yet so perfectly beautiful. You can't break something that doesn't have any form! Thinking, old ideas, belief systems, insecurities, sensations, memories, even pain are forms of Thought and can therefore break! When something takes 'form' it is now 'Outside In' and lacks truth, it is an illusion. It only appears to have substance and this illusion can appear damaged, broken and lacking which is why we fall into the need to fix it. But that's not who we really are! As Syd told us, we are before thought, therefore formless, therefore we are infinite love, creativity, and light and formless can not be broken. Wow!

With love, Chana

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