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Mazal Tov!

Last night I danced at a friends wedding and halfway through the evening I twisted my knee - Ouch, it hurt! The phrase 'Motion is Lotion' came to mind and I kept moving. It eased up and this morning - no pain. The amazing thing was that I did have thoughts like 'Should I get ice from the kitchens, is this the start of a new pain journey, I'm going to be an old lady with walking stick

one day, etc.' But amazingly, I didn't have anything on it, there was no fear. I didn't have to fix the thoughts, process them or do .... anything. When something like that happens I think it is normal to have those kinds of thoughts but with this understanding, I don't have to be frightened by them. I could have the pain without the pain having me. I could have the thinking without the thinking having me.

This is freedom!

Mazal Tov!!

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