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Not ok with ......

I was just chatting with a client when the phrase "being ok with not being ok" came up. Its one of those psychobabble sayings that sounds good at first but like sugar leaves you hungry soon after. I just realized why it doesn't sit well with me ...

It feels like resignation, defeat even, like I'm a loser but oh well lets go with that. NO!!

My teacher Dr. George Pransky has a wonderful webinar called Doing Down Well. When I heard that title, it blew my mind! What a concept!! Who knew you could do down well?? Who knew you could have grace and dignity when you weren't feeling great, in pain and or just plain worn out.

Can you feel the difference in these two phrases?

Being ok with not being ok is like saying there is something wrong with me but I guess I will accept it ( put up with it ) it feels heavy and sluggish, its coming from a low mood.

Doing Down Well is saying that I have resilience and dignity, I'm not broken and my innate wisdom knows this will pass. This feels light and hopeful, it's already feeling better!

Ok, rant over! Let me know what you think?

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