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Nothing on it ....

Have you seen this video? Its one of those adorable animal videos, a baby elephant is having a tantrum, eventually, he gives up and follows along. What struck me is that the adult elephants just let him get on with it. The little fellow fusses, he protests and flops on the ground just like a 2 year-old but the adults don't buy into it, they just keep moving.

I often talk about not having anything on my thoughts, well this is kinda what I mean. I can have a crazy or a boring even criminal thought but now that I understand I don't have to judge it or analyze it, it just moves through my mind like all the others. And it's the same with pain. Pain is made of thought too and it used to bring a whole herd of busy thinking with it when I reacted. And then, before I knew it, I felt like fear and anxiety were circling around me like a buzzard waiting to pick off my carcus!

Now that I don't have anything on it, fear and anxiety melt away, peace and clarity fill the scene and intuition and inspiration start to flow. It's pretty cool.

With love Chana

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