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"Same body, different thinking!"

I was asked recently about allergies so I wanted to share some insights with you as I know some have suffered badly with allergies too. I had chronic seasonal allergies growing up, the sneezing fits and streaming swollen eyes, rhinitis so bad that it would turn into sinus infections, sinus headaches that made it impossible to think straight. My school bag was like a pharmacy and the operation I had on my inverted nasal septum and the endless injections never did any good. It was often so miserable I would want to rip my face off or stick my head in a bucket of cold water. As the years went on I tried the Netipot and homeopathy etc and although I found that some things did work for a while it always came back.

When I moved here to Israel 10 years ago I was told I was highly allergic to Cypress trees and Olive blossom. Well, you can't move more than 10 feet here without seeing either so I was back to the misery and the season was now all year round.

When my back pain went away as a result of this understanding my allergies started to calm down but took a little longer. During that time I read a piece of research that mentioned a lady with Multiple Personality Disorder ( don't get me started on diagnosis ), in one 'personality' she was highly allergic to cats and in another, she wasn't! Think about that for a minute - same body different thinking!! I started to learn that allergies are an immune system gone nuts treating harmless things as if they are poisonous invaders. As my thinking started to slow down and I gained more and more insights into the Principles and my health, my allergies went away.

Yesterday I took these pictures on my morning walk through an ancient Olive Grove near where I Iive and look, the olives are ripening, and I have not sneezed in months. No streaming eyes or asthmatic breathing, I'm in the moment, enjoying the colors and the sounds all because I started to understand how my mind works. With Love, Chana

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