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The Bridezilla that never was ....

Updated: Jul 29, 2019


I had an amazing experience last week. When I'm not working with coaching clients I make and alter wedding gowns. Last week a girl brought me an expensive gown that needed sleeves added, we agreed on everything and so the next day I cut off the extra lace on the shoulders to take with me to the fabric store to match it. I had just finished cutting when I got a Whats-app message saying "Don't do anything yet my mom says ....." Now I knew I had't done anything wrong, that's not the point, the point is that adrenaline shot to my toes in the split second it took to read that short message. The body is sooo amazing and can react so fast, I was in fight/protective mode instantly! ( in case you have never heard, there is a creature out there called Bridezilla and sometimes her attacks can be very vicious even when unprovoked and the Mamazilla is even worse!)

Thank God she was fine about it but I was still left feeling the adrenaline and all the other stress chemicals in my body and it felt awful. I then got curious and started wondering how long it would last? I also started to think back to my very stressed out 20's and how I lived feeling like this all the time - Yuck! No wonder we run to the Doctor or we desperately try to fix it and change it. In case you are wondering it took about an hour for my body to feel normal again and left me feeling so very grateful. Thankfully I understand how my mind and body work so I feel calm pretty much most of the time these days. Knowing I don't have to be afraid of uncomfortable feelings and that they will always pass is an incredible freedom.


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