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There is a theory in the Pain Management world that pain is a distraction or protection from fear produced by the brain. Now, I'm not the brightest button in the box but this theory that the brain is trying to distract us has never made sense to me. If I had to believe the theory that my brain is up to something without my permission that would make me feel very uneasy. If the answer to chronic pain is to calm the nervous system then that idea is not comforting! And secondly, everyone I have met who is in chronic pain is still in agonizing fear! The answer that usually comes next is some kind of Outside-In solution. There is a long list of methods and techniques that are prescribed to change the content of our minds, reprogram our brains and soothe the savage beast. But what if you had the insight that it is all made of thought? That Thought is a creative power that when misunderstood can produce all kinds of nightmares that send danger messages to our nervous systems. But when we see that really, Thought flows, it moves on like a river, and can be relied on to always bring new fresh thoughts, inspiration, and insight. We can relax into the safety of this reliable system. Slow down and see it's true. Nothing to do, nowhere to get to, you have everything you need right now. It works from the Inside-out. You have all the wisdom and courage and resilience to get back to your wellbeing because it never went away. It just got covered up by all that overthinking. And as Syd Banks said, all it takes is one new thought ....... With love, Chana.

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