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"Doing Down Well"

I've been moved by reading many posts and comments from people who are having flare-ups and more pain symptoms in these strange times. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with such difficult situations. My teacher Dr. George Pransky ( possibly the best psychologist ever ) did a podcast a few years ago called "Doing Down Well". I couldn't tell you now what was in it but the title still fills me with inspiration. Just the concept of 'Doing Down Well' blew my mind.

When I was in chronic pain, I did not always do it well, I complained and blamed, I searched and over thought. I would often think myself into a frightening mess and consequently, my symptoms got worse. All that worrying and what if-ing also messed with my immune system and I got many other stress-related illnesses, it was miserable. What I learned from George is that it always passes and that storms always come to an end. This strange situation is not the cause of the pain, it's our thoughts, understandable innocent thoughts about finances, jobs, and what on earth can we do to keep the kid's busy today, thoughts that are actually creating our experience. Seeing that thought passes without me needing to do anything and that we all have innate resilience and wellbeing will enable us all to 'Down' well. With love, Chana

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