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Going Upstream ...

I often use the analogy of going 'upstream' when trying to explain how the Three Principles are not a prescription of how to deal with your physical issues but a description.

My colleague Michael Neill tells a great story to illustrate this and I thought it might be useful as the topic of techniques is coming up a lot right now.

There was a village in the mountains where people from the surrounding area kept falling into the river and drowning. A traveler stays for a while and starts to save the people from drowning, he jumps into the river, pulls them out saving their lives and everyone is soooo very very grateful. Then one day the traveler moves on and the people in the village are frightened that people will start drowning again. But as the weeks go by they notice nobody is drowning! Curious, they go upstream a little further to find him and discover that he is teaching people how to swim .....

If you have found a technique that works for you, that's great, you can't argue with success. But if you go upstream a little you will see that maybe that technique is just helping you cope? Learning how it actually works, how all human experience works can be so empowering, it can liberate you from those old ideas that you need to fix your thinking and will transform your life.

With love, Chana

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