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Insight!! ( I love it when that happens )

I just had an insight!! ( I love it when that happens ) I am honored to be collaborating with Dr. Bill Pettit on some projects and this just came to me;

We often use the analogy of a cork in water to describe resilience, how that as soon as you let go of a cork that is being pushed down it will naturally pop up to the top. It is it's innate quality, it doesn't have to try really hard, follow a guru or read the latest books on science, it just has this innate resilient quality to rise. As human beings we have this innate quality too. We have soo much resilience and I see it everyday in my clients and in the members of this group, how you keep showing up and trying.

But this morning I saw something a little deeper as I was reviewing our work. If a corks natural state is to be at the top of the surface, some kind of force has to hold it down. What is that for us?

"It takes continuous force to keep wellbeing below the surface" wrote Bill. That force is the innocent misunderstanding that we need fixing and that we have to work hard to get the job done. I was so busy meditating, doing Yoga and expressive writing, searching, always searching that I was innocently keeping my innate wellbeing under the surface! It was always there, but my innocent actions to get it to the surface were actually the force that was keeping it down!!

Once I understood how the mind works, how all experience is made of Thought 100% of the time, my pain ( and acne, allergies and IBS ) all went away. Nothing special about me, this is just resilience in action and we all have it. So let go and slow down, its much easier than you think. With love Chana.

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