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Updated: May 13, 2020

Spell check didn't like this word so had to add to my dictionary lol! I first heard it in a chat I was having with Steve Ozanich, author of the The Great Pain Deception. It struck me as I have been getting a lot of messages recently from people who are struggling with the idea that they need to go back into the past and dig up things to write about to get rid of their pain. Forgive me for being graphic but here is an analogy; getting it all on paper is a bit like throwing up. Our bodies have innate intelligence that is very good at expelling poisonous or foreign objects - we throw up! But to throw up everyday? No wonder people are not feeling good! Throwing up everyday isn't good for the body and from what I'm hearing isn't good for their mind either.

We live in a thought created world, all experiences, pain, joy, disappointment and inspiration are made of thought and we can only ever feel them in the moment. Therefore the past can only exist via memories that are brought alive right now as we think them. Worry is a thought we have right now about something that might happen in the future. My body can only know what I'm thinking right now no matter whether its past, present or future so digging around in the past looking for things to write about, its not surprising that people are feeling bad .... now. Remember, we are always feeling our thinking.

When I was reading Steve's book I suddenly got severe pain in my back, sciatica pain shot down my leg and my pelvis was at that old familiar slant and this after being pain free for 3 years! I laughed!!! I knew it was from what I was reading and would go as soon as I soon as finished the book. This experience convinced me that chronic pain is made of thought and prolonged distressed thinking dysregulates the nervous system. Thought is the source of everything I'm feeling in the moment, therefore the past can't be causing it. I read fast and as soon as I put the book down the pain went away. I've been free of chronic pain now for another 2 years.

We are the authors of our own reality and understanding this means I don't have to write or meditate or do anything to manage my thoughts. Understanding that thought always passes, that it will settle on its own when we have the insight to leave it alone, and knowing that we have innate resilience, wisdom and wellbeing, means you don't have to be afraid of your past, or the future or any of your thinking. This is true freedom!

With love, Chana.

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