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Last week I found my self facing a major opportunity about which I had a lot of thinking, my mind got very busy to the point where my dear friend Rochelle Gance had to talk me back off the cliff lol! I felt sooo much better after our chat but nothing had changed in my situation just my thinking. The next morning my thinking speeded up again, even though the situation hadn't changed, the only way out it seemed was to tell myself to let the opportunity go, I instantly felt better but still, nothing had changed in my circumstances. Up and down, up and down on the thinking roller coaster! As the day went on different thoughts started to come into my mind about how great it could be, that maybe it was an amazing opportunity with still no actual change in my situation. Sometimes people think if they get the Principles or if they master this understanding then they will never get anxious or depressed or upset again. Not true. We are all human. Life happens, but once I see that I am only ever experiencing my thoughts about it, it isn't as scary, it doesn't happen too often and I just get to see my humanness. As Mark Twain said, "I have been through some terrible things in my life and some of them actually happened." With love Chana.

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