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I've always loved this saying by Dr. Lorimer Moseley, "Sore but Safe" but thanks to chatting with a client just now I got a new insight into it.

I think the good Dr. is inferring that if your soreness is coming from something stress-related then you can't actually hurt yourself if you move around, in fact moving is probably a good thing to get the blood flowing. But I just saw something else; in many of our minds, safety is a big issue. Most people I talk to have a lingering fear of not feeling safe in the world, maybe because of past trauma or habitual What If? thinking, perhaps we need things to be perfect or at least to feel some control. Listening to this kind of thinking sends a constant message to our nervous system that things aren't right and if things aren't right then there could be danger out there and we don't feel safe. Constantly living in survival mode and seeking safety creates so much anxiety which can lead to chronic pain, and physical issues.

Knowing that I can never be broken, and don't need fixing gives me that safe feeling. Understanding that anxious thinking always passes points us back to our own innate wellbeing, resilience, and wisdom. After all, if We are always feeling our thinking, knowing we are safe is freedom.

With love, Chana.

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