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( Thing-e-fy ) verb - to make a nothing into a something

We do this all the time. Every time we 'what if' or 'should have' we are making something seem real that really wasn't until we thought about it. The more I worried, the more my nervous system became activated and the more adrenaline and cortisol were pumped into my body so that now it really seemed real - look my hands are shaking!! Our bodies only know the present so they react to our thinking right now even if I'm thinking about the past or the future. And once I make a fear ( fear of pain, social situations, mistakes etc) into a thing, I have to do something about it. That shadow is now a monster and has become something I have to battle with! As soon as I see that it's really just a shadow, that I can only ever experience thought in the moment then I see that I created the monster! So if it was just my thoughts that thingified a nothing into a something then it has no real power, its ...all .... just ..... thought

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