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Watch what you say

Anyone heard of Dr. Emoto?

Well, he was a Japanese professor who did some incredible photo experiments with water where he put a drop of water into a petri dish and then froze it for about 3 hours.

The water was then photographed at a very high resolution and the pictures show the shapes in which they froze.

Ok, what's the big deal you are asking?

Well, before freezing the water he spoke different words to each drop of water and depending on the words the water changed into different shapes!

The ones that he spoke words like love or thank you to made the most beautiful shapes and the ones he spoke words like hate or evil to were very fuzzy, stunted or plain.

This experiment has been reproduced to show consistency so make of it what you will, but think about this........ We are mostly made of water, could how you talk to yourself be affecting your body and how it feels?

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